The Town of Morinville requires that businesses operating within municipal limits obtain a business licence, which must be renewed annually.  Renewal notices are sent out in December of each year.

ATTENTION NEW/CHANGING BUSINESSES: If you are planning to open a new business in Morinville or relocate or expand your existing business in Morinville, click here for important steps to follow prior to applying for a Business Licence.

Applying for a Business Licence

A complete Business Licence Application consists of:

Licence Fee Schedule

Fees are collected based on a calendar year (January to December or any portion thereof)

Resident Licence $100.00
Resident Hawkers $100.00 or $35.00 / day
Resident Temporary $50.00 / 21 days
Resident Special Event $25.00 / 4 days
Non-Resident Licence $200.00
Non-Resident Hawkers $300.00 or $50.00 / day
Non-Resident Temporary $75.00 / 21 days
Non-Resident Special Event $50.00 / 4 days
  • Acceptable payment methods: VISA | MasterCard | Cash | Cheque | Debit

The Value of a Business Licence:

Aside from being a requirement, there are also benefits to having a Morinville Business Licence:

  • Exposure on Morinville’s website (if consented to) through our E-services, effectively marketing your business - critical for home based businesses with limited marketing budgets
  • The opportunity to be updated on important news and events that impact your business such as, but not limited to, relevant seminars, courses, training and funding
  • Contributing to ensuring that Morinville is a safe community by meeting licencing requirements and safety standards
  • Providing the Town with critical information that can be used in the event of an Emergency, and
  • Providing assurance to customers that your business is legitimate

Complying and carrying out business in accordance with applicable Federal and Provincial Statutes and Regulations are the applicants’ responsibility.

Agencies and services are available to assist you with your business start-up needs such as Alberta Business Registry (GST registration); Workers Compensation Board (WCB); Capital Health (Health Inspections) and the Morinville Chamber of Commerce (announcements and business events).

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