Permits & Licences

Do I need a pass to use the Dump/Roseridge Landfill?

A Roseridge Landfill permit is available for residents with a Town of Morinville Utility Account and can be picked up at Civic Hall, 10125-100 Avenue, Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Landfill permits are valid for as long as you have a valid utility account.

The permit number is linked to your utility account. When you visit the landfill, your vehicle will be weighed on the way in as well as on the way out. The weight that you have left is multiplied by the Roseridge user fee rate and will be billed through the Town of Morinville Utility billing process.

Is there a fee for my dog or cat if they are running at large?

Any dog or cat that is running at large and is picked up by our Community Peace Officers will be taken to the Morinville Vet Clinic and/or fines may be incurred. Please view the Fees and Fines chargeable on the Pet Licence page.

Do I need a licence for my dog?

All dogs in Morinville, after the age of six months, must be registered and wear a licence tag. Licences are available at the Town of Morinville Civic Hall, 10125-100 Avenue, Morinville, AB, T8R 1L6. The licence must be obtained or renewed annually on or before the last business day in February. Replacement tags are available to replace lost or missing tags. Civic Hall Office Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (except holidays).

Do I need a licence for my cat?

At this time, cats do not require licences. It is expected that they are kept in their yards, on a leash and that they do not wander away from their homes. Cat owners are encouraged to identify their cats. Tattoo’s and microchips are highly encouraged. Dog licences are available to be issued to cats if desired

Landfill Permit

While continuing to provide weekly curbside and recycling collection service to Morinville’s population, residents may choose to dispose of additional waste through a user pay disposal permit system for Roseridge Landfill.
The permit allows residents with a utility account to dispose of any extra solid waste (garbage, yard waste or recycling) at the Roseridge Landfill.

Costs associated with the disposal will be added to the monthly utility bills based on $0.0368/kilogram or $36.80/metric tonne, unless amended through the Bylaw.

Click here to view the Waste Management Bylaw. In order to obtain a landfill permit:

Residents must have a utility account with the Town of Morinville.

  • Picture identification is required.
  • Permits are issued at Civic Hall located at 10125-100 Ave.
  • For more information call Civic Hall 780.939.4361. Click here for information including hours of operation for Roseridge Landfill.