Area Structure Plans (ASP) are land use planning documents that provide a framework for the future subdivision and development of new, primarily neighbourhood sized, areas within Morinville. An ASP is a statutory plan adopted by Council Bylaw. Prior to adoption it is reviewed by the Planning & Economic Development Department for consistency with the Municipal Development Plan. Morinville also has Conceptual Schemes, which are similar land use documents intended for smaller areas of land, except instead of being adopted by Council Bylaw, they are adopted by Council Resolution.

All land use plans are prepared using the General Terms of Reference for the Preparation of Area Structure Plans and Conceptual Schemes, which outlines the minimum information requirements, including proposed land uses and density, utility servicing, development constraints, municipal reserve and parks, traffic circulation, urban design, and implementation staging.

Currently, Morinville has the following approved Land Use Plans:

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  • Grandin Heights ASP Bylaw 19/2006
    Amended by Bylaws 18/2007, 24/2008, 17/2014, 21/2014, 11/2015, 8/2016 & 10/2018

(Please note that all documents posted on the website are for information purposes only and may be periodically updated. These documents do not necessarily reflect the legal documents and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the official bylaws, regulations and statutory plans in effect.)

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