The Town of Morinville requires that businesses operating within municipal limits obtain a business licence, which must be renewed annually.  Renewal notices are sent out in December of each year.

What is a Business Licence?

A business licence is a government-issued permit allowing you to do business in the municipality it is issued in. Business licenses are required by any and all individuals or groups who sells or operates within the Town of Morinville, regardless of the location that business operates from. Business Licences serve as a confirmation that a business complies with local laws and regulations.

What does a business licence offer you?

  • The opportunity to be updated on important news and events that impact your business such as, but not limited to, relevant seminars, courses, training and funding;
  • Promotion through Morinville's website through our online business directory (if consented to);
  • Proof of legitimacy to customers; and,
  • Timely information and notices in the event of an emergency

Are there other requirements to meet before obtaining a business licence?

Depending on the type of business you plan to run, there may be other requirements to meet. The following steps will help you guide you through the process:

  1. Resident (local) businesses should confirm that the desired business location conforms to the business types allowed in that area prior to signing a lease or purchasing the land. Confirm that the Land Use Districting (zoning) is suitable to your business type by clicking here to review the Land Use Districting requirements or by contacting Planning & Economic Development.

  2. Prior to applying for a business licence, you will need to determine if a development permit is required or not. Development permits may be required for a resident business if:
    • The business is new or relocated and the land use has not previously been approved for the business location;
    • The business is new or relocated and the business type, as defined in the Land Use Bylaw, is changing;
    • The business is expanding and the property is further developed or building additions are undertaken; or,
    • The business is a home based business which is considered a home occupation. Click here for more information.

Find out more about Development Permit Applications and processes

I have completed steps 1 & 2. How do I apply for a business licence?

You can download the Business Licence Application Form here, sign and return via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or feel free to come by our offices and speak with our Business Licence Inspector to get started. Home-based businesses will need to fill out our Home Based Business Questionnaire and submit to our offices via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, a development permit may be required.

Fees vary depending on the type of business licence required

Licence Fee Schedule

Fees are collected based on a calendar year (January to December or any portion thereof)

Resident Licence $100.00
Resident Hawkers $100.00 or $35.00 / day
Resident Temporary $50.00 / 21 days
Resident Special Event $25.00 / 4 days
Non-Resident Licence $200.00
Non-Resident Hawkers $300.00 or $50.00 / day
Non-Resident Temporary $75.00 / 21 days
Non-Resident Special Event $50.00 / 4 days

Fees are accepted electronically when a completed Credit Card Authorization Form is submitted with the application, or in person via VISA | MasterCard | Cash | Cheque | Debit.

When will my business licence expire?

The majority of business licences expire on December 31 of the year they were issued. Renewal notices are mailed out prior to the expiration date.