The Cœur de Morinville Area Structure Plan (ASP) establishes policies and guidelines to ensure the ‘heart’ or mature core of the community evolves over time in an aesthetic, cohesive, and appropriate manner. The ASP evaluates the suitability of redevelopment, infill and increased residential density in the mature core from the perspectives of existing residential neighbourhoods, supporting economic development and maximizing use of existing infrastructure capacity. Further, this ASP supports the development of Highway 642 in accordance with the Highway 642 Functional Planning Study.  Click here for more information on redevelopment and infill opportunities and to access our Quick Reference Guides for specific areas of the plan.

The ASP policies and guidelines give direction to future land use and redevelopment decision making processes in the mature core of the community. The desire is that through careful planning and conscientious decision making, Morinville will capitalize on economic development opportunities, celebrate its rich heritage, recognize the unique character of established residential neighbourhoods, move ever closer to a sustainable state and encourage more people to live, shop, work and socialize in the heart of the community. The time horizon of this ASP is 2035, a time span that is consistent with Morinville’s existing guiding documents, the Municipal Sustainability Plan and the Municipal Development Plan.

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