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An outdoor gym is very similar to an indoor gym-- from cross trainers to pec decks. Some of the key differences are the equipment is found outdoors so it is weatherproof and colourful. It does not use weights for resistance, but rather one's own body weight. The devices are inviting and look more like friendly playgrounds than intimidating fitness equipment. The outdoor gym provides a great opportunity for all community members and visitors to enjoy fitness and healthy active living.

Our Outdoor Gym stations are conveniently located all along the walking trails and are available for use as you aspire to become fit and active in our community. There are also stations located at the Morinville Splash Park. In total there are twenty-two pieces of equipment with the ability to work seventeen major muscle groups in the body. 

The trails and the outdoor gym equipment provide community residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy fitness and healthy living while out for an enjoyable walk around town year round.

Outdoor Gym Locations:

  • Belle Park-9312 – 95 Street
  • Baptiste Park - 10110 – 100 Avenue
  • Bob Foster Park - 107 Avenue & 107 Street
  • Fish and Game Pond - 107 Avenue & 107 Street
  • Grandin Heights Park - 302 Grandin Drive
  • Rotary Park - 9900 – 99 Street
  • Splash Park - 9916 – 104 Street
  • Sunshine Lake - 563 Sunnydale Road
  • Sunnydale Park - 535 Sunnydale Road

These locations can be viewed here on the   Trails Map

For further information and for sport facility bookings please contact Tyler Edworthy by phone at 780-939-7839 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.