Most developments for constructing new or additional buildings and renovations require permits.  The purpose of these permits is to ensure work complies with Morinville Land Use Bylaw regulations, to provide personal safety and peace of mind.

 A Development Permit is required to undertake any work that would result in the alteration of any lot or building or the use of any lot or building within Morinville.

Development Permit Applications:

To ensure the quickest possible processing times complete applications are required. Payment of fees must accompany an application in order to be complete.

  • Select the appropriate Development Permit Application Form to the right or below
  • Payment of Fees | Accepted Payment Methods: Visa / Mastercard / Cheque / Cash / Debit

Important Information Regarding Development Permits

When preparing an application for a Development Permit, please review the following:

  • Review the Planning & Development Brochures located to the right or below if they apply to the proposed development.
  • If the applicant does not own the land, a Property Owner Authorization Form must be signed and provided along with the application, or the Development Permit Application signed by the landowner in the space provided.
  • Click here for developments within Cœur de Morinville.
  • ALL developments abutting Highway 2 or Highway 642 (100 Avenue), and some developments (i.e. multi-unit and non-residential) within 300 m of a highway right-of-way or 800 m of an intersection of a highway and a road, also require development approval from Alberta Transportation. For developments along Highway 642, refer to the Highway 642 Functional Planning Study.
  • Many construction projects also require Building and Safety Codes Permits.
  • Not all developments require a Development Permit.  Also, the Development Authority may require additional information to be submitted prior to consideration of the development permit application.  This information is available in the Morinville Land Use Bylaw or by contacting Planning & Economic Development.
  • Certain applications for discretionary uses and variances require review by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC). The MPC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. For any Development Permit applications requiring MPC review, Planning & Economic Development staff members review the application and prepare a report with recommendations to the MPC. It is highly recommended that complete Development Permit Applications be submitted at least two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting to be added to the agenda; otherwise it may be reviewed at the following scheduled meeting. Complex applications may require additional processing time to review.

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