Drainage and Stormwater

Our stormwater system is in place to drain surface water and prevent flooding, it includes stormwater ponds, ditches, underground pipes, and catch basins. Even the grade on your lot is a part of the drainage and wastewater management system. 

During heavy rainfall, some pooling/ponding on the roads and higher greenbelts is normal. The stormwater system will catch up and drain the water.

Frozen catch basins and snow melt issues

Freeze-thaw cycles occur throughout the winter and spring seasons. Melting snow drains from roofs, yards, and driveways, potentially creating icy conditions when temperatures freeze again. Gutters, catch basins, and culverts can freeze and block water from draining from streets.

To help prevent flooding or water damage residents can create a channel if needed to facilitate drainage to the nearest catch basin from the pooling water at the edge of your property. Free sand is available to residents in front of the Public Works Yard (10310 107 Street), residents are welcome to use this to help combat the ice on the sidewalks adjacent to their properties.

Our team works to ensure that catch basins are open, if you notice a frozen catch basin, please submit a concern online or contact Infrastructure Services at 780-939-2590.

Lot grading

All lots in town must be graded to ensure positive drainage away from foundations in accordance with approved lot grading plans.

Seasonal odour

Odours from storm ponds are normal and are caused by the accumulated organic material at the bottom of the pond which mixes up as the ice melts and disturbs the ‘eco-system’. The odour is temporary and will naturally disperse once the ice on the storm pond has fully melted and mixed with the rest of the water in the pond.

The odour may enter your home through your sump pump pipe, to help mitigate this inconvenience residents are encouraged to ensure that there is water in the sump during the spring melt.

Stormwater ponds and fountains

Morinville currently maintains ten stormwater ponds. The wet retention stormwater ponds help to retain and treat contaminated water runoff from heavy storms and snow melt. Water is diverted to these wet retention ponds by underground pipes that connect catch basins on the street to the ponds. The pond's natural processes, which include the vegetation planted around the water and the movement of the water through the sediment, work to remove pollutants. Small outlets are then used to release water which controls the water depth. 

It is the constant movement of the water and the contaminants such as road salt that makes them unsafe for recreational use, activities such as skating in the winter and swimming or boating in the summer. 

Some of these stormwater ponds contain fountains that help with water circulation in the summer months. These fountains are generally in service from mid-May to mid-September, for updates on the activity of these fountains please see below:

  • The Lakes – Active
  • South Glens – Active
  • Houle Drive –Active
  • Fish and Game Pond – Not Active
  • Sunshine – Active

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