Property Search

Buying or selling

If you are planning on buying or selling, you may want some information about the property. Doing a file search can help you get this information. Having an up-to-date Real Property Report (RPR) from an Alberta Land Surveyor may help. We do not complete RPRs or compliance certificates.

You might need a permit for the completion of the sale or purchase of your house.

File search request

File search requests can be done through an Access to Information (FOIP) request.

  • Requests for property file information are processed under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act and are legislated to be processed within 30 days. A $25 initial fee will be charged for each request. Additional fees may be assessed and will be discussed with the applicant prior to proceeding. Certain information may need to be redacted pursuant to FOIP legislation. Visit Access to Information to find out more about file search requests.
  • Materials provided through a FOIP request are provided without interpretation of meaning or consequence.

Property information

If you need the legal address or assessment of a property, use our Geographical Information System (GIS).