We develop policies to support good governance for consistent and transparent operations.

Council policies

Our policies are our commitment to promoting awareness, transparency, and accountability.


Acceptable Use of Technology

Administration Compensation

Asset Management

CAO Performance Evaluation

Public Engagement Policy

Signing Authority Policy

Strategic Planning and Management

Video Surveillance in Public Areas


Agency, Board, Commission and Committee Member Appointments

Agency, Board, Commission and Committee Membership and Remuneration

Community Grant Policy

Corporate Sponsorship and Community Partnership

Ice Allocation Policy

Morinville Advantage Policy


Council Remuneration Policy 

Morinville Sponsorship Policy

Strategic Priority Sponsor Policy


AMS Risk Control

Budget Guiding Principles

Community Cultural Centre Fund Development Policy

Corporate Fees Policy

Debt Management

Interest on Internal Borrowing

Investment Policy

Non-Residential Tax Rebate Policy

Purchasing Policy

Reserve Policy

Tangible Capital Assets

Utility Account Collection Policy

Planning and infrastructure

Commemorative Naming Policy

General Terms of Reference for the Preparation of Area Structure Plans and Conceptual Schemes

Historic and Cultural Heritage Policy

Land Management Framework Policy

Sustainable Growth


Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Policy

Administrative policies

Administrative policies are approved by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and focus on administrative matters.


Snow and Ice Control Policy

Snow and Ice Control Policy Map

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