Planning Documents

Land use planning in Alberta follows rules and guidelines from each level of our government. All policies and plans made by regional or municipal governments must follow legislation from higher levels of government.

Make sure to review all planning documents carefully. They will guide you through the different planning regulations to ensure that your development meets the necessary requirements.

Provincial planning documents

The Government of Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA) details the laws that we follow when governing our community.

Subdivision and Development Regulations

The Subdivision and Development Regulation provides sample forms for subdivision applications and for deferred reserve caveats. If you are looking to divide your property, you will need to review these regulations.

Land Use Policies and Framework

The Land Use Policies support planning provisions of the Municipal Government Act as well as our subdivision and development regulations. They contain information about:

  • planning
  • land use patterns
  • resource conservation
  • transportation
  • residential developments

The Provincial Land Use Framework sets guidelines to manage public and private lands. It works to balance economic growth with natural resource protection. The framework outlines:

  • regional and local planning
  • land use governance
  • conservations and stewardship
  • provincial leadership
  • efficient land use
  • monitoring and reporting guidelines
  • First Nations land use

Regional planning documents

Please review the regional planning documents to make sure that land use proposals follow these regulations.

North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

The North Saskatchewan Region Plan supports local and regional policies and strategies that guide:

  • land and natural resource management
  • long-term economic growth
  • environmental and social goals

It also provides policy direction for decision makers at the federal, provincial and local levels of government.

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan

The Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan lays out policies and plans for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The Plan supports economic growth and quality of life for all residents. It includes planning and implementation strategies for:

  • economic competitiveness and employment
  • natural living systems
  • communities and housing
  • integration of land use and infrastructure
  • transportation systems
  • agriculture

Municipal planning documents

We have created planning documents to regulate land use and development in Morinville. These include a variety of municipal bylaws, plans, and policies.

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan is our primary land use planning document. It provides policy direction and offers land use guidelines.

Area Structure Plans

Area Structure Plans provide the framework for the future subdivision and development of new neighborhoods in Morinville.

Conceptual Schemes

Conceptual Schemes offer a framework for the future subdivision and development of new individual lots in Morinville.

Land Use Bylaw

Our Land Use Bylaw controls the use and development of land and buildings. It divides the town into land use districts. Each district has certain land use regulations.

 Land Use Policies

The Town of Morinville’s planning policies ensure detailed guidance and direction for current and future development. These policies support one another and higher-level planning documents and Bylaws by implementing specific standards of the Town of Morinville’s statutory and regulatory documents.


The following are the Town’s planning policies and are published in accordance with the requirements of the MGA:

Municipal Naming Policy 

General Terms of Reference for the Preparation of Area Structure Plans and Conceptual Schemes 

Historic & Cultural Heritage Policy  

Land Management Framework 

Sustainable Growth