How much does a business licence cost?

Business licence costs are dependant on two factors - the location of the business type of licence required.

Resident Licences:

Resident Business Licence $100
Resident Hawkers Licence $100 or $35 per day
Resident Temporary Licence $50 per 21 days
Resident Special Event $25 per 4 days

Non-Resident Licences 

Non-Resident Business Licence $200
Non-Resident Hawkers Licence $300 or $50 per day
Non-Resident Temporary Licence $75 per 21 days
Non-Resident Special Event $50 per 4 days

Fees are collected based on a calendar year (January to December) or any portion thereof.

Why do I need a Business Licence?

All businesses providing a service within the Town of Morinville limits require a business licence.

Aside from being a requirement there are also benefits to having a Morinville Business Licence:

  • exposure on Moirnville's website (if consented to) through our E-Services
  • Providing the Town with critical information that can be used in the event of an emergency
  • providing assurance to customers that your business is legitimate
  • opportunity to be updated on important news and events that impact your business (seminars, courses, training and funding)
  • contributing to ensuring that Morinville is a safe community by meeting licencng requirements and safety standards

How do I apply for a business licence?

To apply for a business licence you will need to fill out the Business Licence Application form and submit at Town Office (10125-100 Ave.).  If the business is located within the Town of Morinville limits, a development permit may also be required.