Protective Services

Can I set Fireworks off in Morinville?

Fireworks are not permitted within the Town of Morinville limits unless as part of an organized neighbourhood display. For more information please contact the Morinville Fire Department, 780-939-4162.

Does the Fire Department offer any fire extinguisher training?

The Morinville Fire Department does not offer fire extinguisher training sessions to the public. You may want to look at where you bought your fire extinguisher and contact them about possible training or, check the yellow pages of the phone book for companies that do training on fire extinguisher use.

How do I know if there is a fire ban within the town of Morinville?

Please check the Town of Morinville website and social media platforms for information regarding fire bans and other important information from the Morinville Fire Department. You are also welcome to call the Town Office at 780.939.4361 or the Fire Hall at 780.939.4162.

Why does my smoke detector keep going off for no apparent reason?

Try cleaning it by vacuuming it or blowing out any dust and dirt. Replace the battery. Even if the smoke detector is wired in electrically, it may have a battery back-up. It might be time to replace the detector as it may be old or faulty. Smoke detectors should be replaced at least every 10 years and it is a good idea to replace them even if they still seem to be working, rather than waiting for them to breakdown and not work and/or cause problems.

How do I set up a tour of the fire hall for my group?

At present, fire hall tours are set up for school groups during certain days in May and June. It is on a first-come, first serve bases. To set up a tour please call the fire department admin line at: 780-939-4162 (Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm). If you reach the voice mail, please leave a message and someone will contact you for further details.

Do I need a permit for my Fire Pit and if so, how do I get one?

Under the Fire Services Bylaw 14/2015 permits are required for new and existing acceptable fire pits within the Town of Morinville.  Residents wanting to obtain a fire permit must pay the applicable fee at Town of Morinville Civic Hall at 10125-100 Avenue. Proof of the paid receipt is then forwarded to the Morinville Fire Department to arrange for a site inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, the applicant will be notified.  Arrangements to pick up approved permits will be made by the Morinville Fire Department, 10021-100 Street, Morinville.  Fire Pit Permits are valid for life; however, do not transfer to new owners of a home, or to a new home. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep approved fire pit(s) maintained.

How do I become a member of the Morinville Fire Department?

In order to apply you MUST be a resident of the Town of Morinville. Fill out an application form and drop off at the Fire Hall: 10021 100 Street, Morinville AB  or at the Town of Morinville Civic Hall: 10125 100 Avenue, Morinville, AB.

For more information, please call the Morinville Fire Department at 780-939-4162.

What is the penalty if I am found to have unsightly property?

If a property, in the opinion of a Community Peace Officer, is found to be unsightly and in violation of Section 2.2.1 of the bylaw, the fines are:

  • $200 First Offence
  • $400 Second Offence *
  • $600 Third/Subsequent Offences *

* Second, Third and Subsequent offences have to occur in the same calendar year.

How often am I required to cut the grass on my property?

Between May 1st through October 31st all Morinville residents must cut their grass at least once per month to ensure the grass does not exceed 15cm (6”) in height, weather permitting.

Someone applied graffiti on my property, am I obligated to remove it?

Yes, the owner of the property must remove, paint over or otherwise permanently block from public view within 14 days of receiving written notice from a Community Peace Officer. The sooner graffiti is removed the less likely additional graffiti will occur.

Am I permitted to store my camper on my residential property over the winter?

Yes you may store your camper on your residential property, but, only in the rear portion of a property.  From November 1 to March 31, a recreational vehicle/trailer (including campers) may not be located on the front or side portion of a residential property with no rear lane.