What causes the stormwater odour that happens every spring?

In the spring when the snow is thawing and water is running or following a high wind or storm the odour is related to the stormwater system. The bad odour you notice is a result of stagnant and un-aerated water. In general terms, the “good” bacteria in ponds need oxygen to break down decaying plant and animal material and other materials collected through runoff that end up in the stormwater system. Without adequate oxygen or enough “good” bacteria in the water, the natural cycle is unable to keep up resulting in an odour.

The pond located in Heritage Village off of 107 St is designed to drain along the stormwater system that flows past 105 Ave through The Lakes and into the Manawan Canal north of Sunshine Estates area. During the spring thaw the system carries stagnant and un-aerated stormwater while also collecting stormwater from residential sump discharges via stormwater pipes and catch basins.

Odours detected inside residences may be more noticeable during this time if there are plumbing or venting issues. Most commonly these are dry or clogged traps and/or lack of adequate venting. Below are tips and general information provided for your reference to help you assist in identifying the potential source of the odour before calling a plumber.

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