Town of Morinville Strategic Plan

Council and Administration are committed to the future well-being and success of Morinville and its residents. In doing so, we are guided by the following Sustainability Principles that have been established in Morinville 2035 Growing Together, Morinville’s twenty-five (25) long-term Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) that was adopted in March 2011:

Sustainability Principles:

  • Quality of life: Meeting the needs of citizens and providing a high quality of life now and in the future.  
  • Long-term planning: Establishing a long-term vision (i.e. 25 years or more) to guide short-term planning and decision-making.  
  • Community engagement and partnership: Actively involving community members, businesses and other organizations as partners and stakeholders in the plan.  
  • Integration: Actively aligning plans, departments and issues and managing them in an integrated fashion.  
  • Multiple bottom lines: Focusing on solutions that maximize the social, economic and environmental benefits of every project and decision.  
  • Equity and the common good: Recognizing the importance of promoting the health and welfare of all community members, both within and among generations.  
  • Living within environmental limits: Recognizing that community health and economic well-being are fundamentally dependent on the resources and services provided by the natural environment and ensuring that community activities fit within the capacity of local, regional and global environments.  

Effective sustainability plans are developed within a comprehensive Strategic Planning Framework that positions the MSP relative to other plans and outlines a clear cycle and process for review and renewal. Based on best practice, Morinville developed an innovative Strategic Planning Framework, which was adopted by Council on May 12, 2015. On January 23, 2018 Morinville Council adopted the 2018-20 Strategic Plan.

Morinville’s strategic planning framework provides a structured and holistic approach to municipal business planning, budgeting and reporting, with the three-year strategic planning and MSP reporting dovetailing with the electoral cycle as depicted below:

Town of Morinville Business Plan

Morinville's 2019 Business Plan is in development and will be presented to Council in the Spring of 2019.