The  2011 to 2021 Town of Morinville Recreation, Parks and Open Space Master Plan provides a template for the town to follow in ensuring that the delivery of publicly provided parks, open space and leisure services are delivered efficiently, effectively and in line with the leisure needs of Morinville residents.

This Plan represent an extension of the 2005 to 2015 Recreation Parks and Open Space Master Plan, which has been used to guide service delivery up to the present. As an “update” it responds to both past, existing and new values and priorities identified by Morinville’s residents.

It also responds to changing demographics, changing patterns of leisure activity and, as new neighbourhoods continue to grow, the need to guide parks, pathways and leisure facility infrastructure.
As a Master Plan, this plan makes few recommendations for individual parks, programs or facilities. Rather, it provides an overall assessment of the delivery system and a framework for making decisions about allocating and expanding resources. Helpful planning tools and standards for design are presented and/or referred to where applicable in this new, updated Plan or in the 2005 to 2015 Plan.