Town of Morinville 2019 Capital Plan & Long Range Capital Plan

Under the Municipal Government Act, Morinville is required to prepare an annual capital plan for each calendar year. In addition, each municipality must prepare a written plan respecting anticipated capital property additions over a period of at least the next 5 financial years. The 2019 Capital Plan & Long Range Capital Plan responds to these two criteria.

The Plan also supports the Town's Vision and Mission:


A community's Vision provides a long‐term picture of where or what the community wishes to be or become. The Vision also indicates what makes Morinville unique.

"Morinville, embracing our past; building pride in our future."


Mission answers a question about what business the community is in. It lets readers know what Morinville does or provides and who benefits.

"Working together to build a complete community for today and the future through
our commitment to the well‐being of Morinville."