The Council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative. The MGA mandates that Council can only exercise the powers of the municipal corporation in the proper form, either by bylaw or resolution.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • developing and evaluating programs and policies;
  • making sure that municipal powers, duties and functions are appropriately carried out
  • carrying out the powers, duties and functions expressly given to it through legislation; however, it must not exercise any power, function or duty assigned to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or a designated officer.


The Mayor is the chief elected official of the municipality and has duties of both Councillor and chief elected official. The Mayor is a member of all Council committees and all bodies to which Council has the right to appoint members under the MGA, unless the Council provides otherwise.

Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to performing the duties of a Councillor, the Mayor, as chief elected official:

  • presides when in attendance at a Council meeting, unless a bylaw provides that another Councillor or other person is to preside
  • performs any other duty imposed on a chief elected official by this or any other enactment or bylaw.


Town Councillors work with other members of Council to set the overall direction of the municipality through Council's role as policy makers. Council sets polices that administration follows, as it runs the day-to-day operations of the municipality. A Councillor creates new, or revising existing, policies and bylaws and are elected every four years, in accordance with the Alberta Local Authorities Election Act. The election is by a vote of the electors of the whole municipality. Municipal elections in Alberta occur every four years on the third Monday in October. The last municipal election took place on October 16, 2017.

Roles and Responsibilities

Under the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA), Councillors have the following duties:

  • to consider the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole and to bring to Council's attention anything that would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality
  • to participate generally in developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality
  • to participate in Council meetings and Council committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which they are appointed by the Council
  • to obtain information about the operation or administration of the municipality from the CAO
  • to keep in confidence matters discussed in private at a Council committee meeting until discussed at a meeting held in public
  • to perform any other duty or function imposed on Councillors by this or any other enactment or by the Council.