Permits & Licences

Under the Fire Services Bylaw 14/2015 permits are required for new and existing acceptable fire pits within the Town of Morinville.  Residents wanting to obtain a fire permit must pay the applicable fee at Town of Morinville Civic Hall at 10125-100 Avenue. Proof of the paid receipt is then forwarded to the Morinville Fire Department to arrange for a site inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, the applicant will be notified.  Arrangements to pick up approved permits will be made by the Morinville Fire Department, 10021-100 Street, Morinville.  Fire Pit Permits are valid for life; however, do not transfer to new owners of a home, or to a new home. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep approved fire pit(s) maintained.

Other Morinville Fire Department Permits:

  • Open Air Fires – permitted in special situation only
  • Ground Thawing for Utility Lines

Fireworks are NOT permitted within the Town of Morinville limits unless as part of an organized neighbourhood display. 
Fire Permit Fees - $35.00 (Lifetime) - (unless changes are made to the existing fire pit)
Other Permits - $35.00
Fines - $50.00 - $250.00 

*** For more information please call our administration office at 939-4162.

The  Fire Pit Guidelines provide an example of an acceptable Fire Pit.