The Town of Morinville works hard to keep the roadways and sidewalks in the best condition possible for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. We work to keep multi use trails clear of snow and ice, and address concerns with sidewalks related to cracks or trip and fall hazards. We also work to keep street and traffic signage in optimal condition.  All concerns are assessed and repairs are performed on a priority basis to ensure public safety.

Please obey any posted street signs and traffic control people as these measures have been taken to protect staff and ensure the work can be completed as quickly and safely as possible. Advance notification for specific construction projects will be given to businesses and residents to mitigate the impact of any service disruption.

Summer Maintenance

Highway 642 Road Maintenance - August 25, 2018

Town of Morinville Public Works staff looked into this on Friday as we weren't aware of the work being done.

The project is part of Alberta Transportation's Road Maintenance program - effort to minimize maintenance and prolong the useable life of the road. This is not a Town of Morinville project.

Report a Missing or Damaged Sign

Town crews place a high priority on the quick replacement or repair of traffic regulating and street signs.  Report any signs that have been knocked down or vandalized by calling the Public Works Department at 780.939.2590 during business hours Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or afterhours call the Utilities Emergency Number at 780-965-0994.

Street Lights and Power Boxes

Currently Fortis Alberta owns and maintains the streetlights and power boxes within the Town of Morinville.  If you have a question or concern and would like to report a problem with a burnt out light please contact Fortis at 780-310-WIRE (780-310-9473).

Annual Street Improvement Program

The Annual Street Improvement Program overlays specific road sections of the Town in accordance with our Road Analytics software.  We also consult our engineering firm on maximizing efficiency and rehabilitation while minimizing costs.  This program upgrades concrete curb and gutter segments, and sidewalks. 

Weed Control Program

The Town operates an extensive weed control program to control weeds and grasses that may impair traffic visibility, damage road asphalt surfaces, cause safety issues for pedestrians and for aesthetic purposes. The Town controls weeds with mechanical trimming, which includes roadside tractor mowing, weed line trimming and a weed program. Weed Control is contracted out annually.

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