Roads, Sidewalks & Trails

Snow Removal Priorities

The Town of Morinville is committed to ensuring that roads and residential streets are safe and commutable for vehicles and pedestrians. For accumulations of snow below 5cm, sanding will be initiated according to the snow removal priority levels on an as required basis. Plowing will be initiated once snow accumulations reach 5cm or where drift occurs causing an unsafe driving environment.

Snow and Ice Control Policy
Snow and Ice Control Policy – Map

For a recorded message advising of where we are currently clearing snow, please call the Snow Removal Hotline at 780.939.6635.

Snow Removal Priorities, based on snow events, are defined as follows:

 Priority 1: Main Roads
  • Consist of 100 Street and 100 Avenue
  • Trails and sidewalks adjacent to Town owned properties (Civic Hall, Morinville Community Cultural Center, Public Works Shop, St. Jean Baptiste Park, Fire Department bays access) will be cleared concurrently within this priority level while using specific equipment.
Priority 2: Arterial Roads 
  • Once the main roadways have been completed, arterial roads and the Industrial Park will be cleared.
  • Where possible, snow will be pushed to the side of the road that does not have a sidewalk, or both sides of the road if there is a boulevard between the sidewalk and curb.
Priority 3: Residential Streets / Lanes
  • Once the main roads and arterial roads have been completed, residential roads will be cleared
  • The Town of Morinville has been divided up into five zones which are scheduled on a rotating basis
  • Each zone will be cleared entirely including pathways and lanes in order to facilitate our contracted solid waste and recycling service delivery as well as facilitate lane access to residences without other alternatives.

“Street Cleaning” signs will be put out a minimum of 24 hours prior to a particular street being cleared so residents are notified of the parking restrictions related to snow removal. Snow removal begins at 5:00 a.m. [main roads] and 7:00 a.m. [residential streets/lanes].

Additionally, residents should note that in the event of a snow fall before residential streets are completed, snow removal crews return to priority routes. Residential snow clearing recommences from the point at which crews had stopped, and the rotation would be completed before a second rotation begins. Please exercise caution near Town equipment and employees on the road.

Driveway Gutter Ramps

Driveway gutter ramps can easily be damaged or displaced by Town equipment; all driveway gutter ramps must be removed by November 1st. Any damage to Town equipment caused by driveway gutter ramps will be the responsibility of the homeowner as per the  Town of Morinville Traffic Safety Bylaw #24-2012.

Snow Storage Site

Please note that the Snow Storage Site is open to contractors only, not residents.

The Town of Morinville operates a Snow Storage Site located at our modified North Sanitary Lagoon. The site is run on the honour system with contractors checking in with Public Works both in the morning and at the end of the day. A per load fee will be charged to contractors utilizing the site.

Contractors must meet the following requirements to enter and use the Snow Storage Site:

  • Proof of valid Business License
  • Provide a $500 damage deposit
  • Signed snow disposal agreement
  • Produce a letter confirming they are providing snow removal for a business or condo within the Town of Morinville
  • Proof of Insurance and Registration
  • Orientation to the site by Public Works Staff
  • Location: Range Road 251 north of the Roseridge Landfill site east of Morinville approximately two kilometres.

Hours of Operation: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.

For additional information call Public Works at 780-939-2590.

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