Morinville operates, maintains and repairs the Municipalities water, sanitary and storm water drainage infrastructure. The infrastructure is comprised of approximately 58 km of water mains, 37 km of gravity sewer mains, 6 km of sewer force mains and 19 km of storm mains. Water supply comes from EPCOR’s Edmonton water treatment plant to a meter vault located in St. Albert. It is then pumped through a 500mm diameter regional transmission line to the Morinville South Reservoir and pumphouse for distribution within the Town.

Sanitary sewer is collected by means of individual services tied to the sanitary mains within the Town and conveyed to the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) sanitary pump station at the east limits of Town. Sewage is then pumped via a force main to the capital region plant near Fort Saskatchewan for treatment prior to discharging to the North Saskatchewan River as clean water.

Storm water is collected by catch basins to mainline sewers and transmitted to one of 8 Storm water ponds within Morinville. Storm water lift stations then pump the water to regulate discharge flow to either the Manawan canal for areas north of the railway tracks, or drainage ditches along highway 2 to St. Albert for areas South of the tracks. Ultimately all storm water from Morinville ends up discharging to the Sturgeon River.

All installation of any underground servicing infrastructure must comply with Morinville's Municipal Engineering Standards and for any new and infill developments Morinville personnel are required to inspect servicing infrastructure at the time of construction.


Seasonal Odour and Stormwater Concerns

Morinville has received a number of questions from residents regarding the odour both inside and outside their homes. Information has been prepared for residents and is available here.

Sanitary Sewer

The sewer system collects wastewater from your home or business and transports it to the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission for treatment. Sanitary charges are based on water consumption. 

Service throughout the town consists  of mainlines varying in size from 6 inches to 32 inches in diameter to the individual service connection points from the mains at the property line.

Town operators are responsible for daily checks and monitoring of the 3 sewage lifts stations. In addition they are responsible for the maintenance (yearly sewer flushing, CCTV camera inspections etc.) as well as repairs required to the network of over 43 km of mains, 2800 sewer service connections to the property line and 400 sewer manholes.

      Sewer Rates Bylaw

Potable Water

Residents of Morinville receive safe, reliable potable water through a regional transmission line which supplies water from EPCOR's plant in Edmonton to Morinville’s Waterworks systems South reservoir and pump house for distribution throughout the Town and to the North reservoir and pump house. Combined reservoir capacities are 2 million gallons for potable water and firefighting uses. 

Water quality is monitored throughout Morinville’s waterworks system by certified Water and Wastewater Operators in accordance with Alberta environment guidelines and legislation. Daily source water quality results, including water hardness can be obtained from the EPCOR website.

Water Conservation Plan

Water conservation is a crucial part of any Municipal Sustainability Plan. In order to raise awareness, the Town of Morinville is committed to researching various aspects of conserving water both indoor and outdoor and to communicate with our residents on initiatives that are fairly simple to implement in the short term. As we enter warmer weather, gardening, lawn watering and vehicle washing are common activities which can quickly use up large amounts of water. Public information and education on leak detection and conservation tips are available in the links below.

Other long term initiatives will include a water audit identifying potential water loss within our infrastructure, research on best practices and water reduction strategies, a regional approach with neighbouring municipalities on water conservation and the development of a Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan. Please be kind to our environment.

Water Meter Installation

All buildings which require water meters, and for which Building Permits are issued after March 1, 2006 shall have provision on the outside of the building in a convenient location between five (5) and six (6) feet above grade at the front or no more than five (5) feet from the front of the building if on the side nearest the driveway, a place for installation of a remote reading device by Morinville.

The user shall install a minimum triple 18 electrical wire in accordance with appropriate regulations from the place of the water meter to the place of the remote reading device. Clear unobstructed access to the water meter shall be provided. Any user shall be responsible for damage of the meter and remote reading device which may result from other than normal wear and tear.

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