Recreation Programs

The health benefits of recreation and active living to our residents and community become an important component in the quality of life to our residents.  Recreation activities provide opportunities to build social skills and cultivate self-sufficiency and leadership abilities as well as build a sense of place and community pride.  The benefits of recreation affect our physical and emotional wellbeing, as we become more active we rely less on medical and social services.

Active Community Programs

Morinville is one of 176 Alberta communities that are actively participating in the provincial movement of a “ChooseWell Community”.  The initiatives with this project include:

  • Sobeys 21 Days to Healthy Eating
  • Recreation programs targeted for family participation
  • Health & Wellness programs targeting food choices and
  • Recreation programs that target all age groups from Early Childhood to seniors in keeping everyone in our community active.

Open Space Programs

In recreation the Town of Morinville’s open spaces are defined as the parks, trails and playgrounds.  Programs are developed to utilize these spaces and to encourage the natural environment as opportunities to be active within our community.

Sports Programs

Sports Facilities:
  • Ray MacDonald Sports Center 9906-104 Street
  • Skyline Ball Fields 105 Ave & 107 Street (4)
  • Meadow Ball Fields 101A Street & 104 Ave (2)
  • 13 Soccer Fields (various Locations)
  • Fish & Game Pond 107 Ave & 107 Street
  • Bob Foster Extreme Park 107 Ave & 107 Street
  • Splash Park 99A Ave & 104 Street
Sports Organizations:
  • Morinville Minor Baseball Association
  • Morinville Minor Soccer Association
  • Sturgeon Hockey Club
  • Morinville Youth Basketball Club
  • Morinville Youth Volleyball Club
  • Morinville JR B Jets Hockey Club
  • Morinville Titans JR c Hockey Club
  • Morinville SR AA Kings Hockey Club
  • Morinville Curling Club
  • Morinville Mixed Slo-Pitch Association
  • Morinville Darts
  • Morinville Fish and Game Association
  • Rooke School of Karate

 NOTE:  Links to Morinville Sports Organizations websites can be found by clicking here.