The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary land use planning document for the community.  This document provides policy direction in relation to land use planning and development decision-making.

The purpose of land use planning is to manage and direct growth.  Land use planning shapes the physical environment of a community in order to maximize the quality of life for its citizens.  Residential development, commercial and industrial growth, transportation and utility infrastructure, and community services and amenities are all developed through land use planning.

The MDP provides specific policies for the development of future residential, commercial, industrial, and other land uses; as well as policies surrounding transportation and utility infrastructure, heritage preservation, open space, economic development, and intermunicipal planning.

The policies stated in the MDP also provides information to private and public sectors on land use matters such as population growth, economic function, development patterns, transportation patterns, utility servicing; and, offers a long-term growth management strategy.

(Please note that all documents posted on the website are for information purposes only and may be periodically updated. These documents do not necessarily reflect the legal documents and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the official bylaws, regulations and statutory plans in effect.)

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