The Planning & Economic Development Department is responsible for community planning, economic development, business licencing and building construction safety.  Planning & Economic Development make decisions on applications received related to the use, subdivision and development of land in accordance with the Municipal Development Plan and other master plans, numerous Area Structure Plans, and the Morinville Land Use Bylaw.  The Department also prepares and implements economic development policy, strategies and initiatives for Morinville.  The department also administers Morinville's business licence program and carries out all functions for which Morinville is responsible as an accredited municipality under Alberta’s Safety Codes Act.

Development Permit Applications

Most developments for constructing new or additional buildings and renovations require permits.  The purpose of these permits is to ensure work complies with Morinville Land Use Bylaw regulations, to provide personal safety and peace of mind.

Safety Codes Permit Applications

The Alberta Safety Codes Act establishes codes and standards for construction and building safety within the Province.  The Act requires that when undertaking building construction projects, including renovations, safety codes permits must be obtained to confirm conformance with the codes in support of the construction.

Property File Search

File search requests can be done through a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) request through the Records Management Department.

Bylaw Amendments | Redistricting Applications

The Morinville Land Use Bylaw may be amended to change the land use district for a parcel of land (redistricting/rezoning), or to propose a change to specific development regulations.

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision is the process used to divide a parcel of land into two or more separate parcels of land, or to otherwise change the boundaries of existing parcels.

Planning & Economic Development News & Updates

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