Business Licences

The Town of Morinville requires that businesses operating within municipal limits obtain a business licence, which must be renewed annually.  Renewal notices are sent out in December of each year.

Development & Building/Safety Codes Permits

Most developments of land and buildings require permits.  The Morinville Land Use Bylaw regulates development within Morinville.  The purpose of Development Permits is to ensure work complies with Morinville Land Use Bylaw.  Alberta Safety Codes establish standards for construction and building safety within the Province.  The Codes require Building and Safety Codes Permits be obtained when undertaking construction.

Animal Registration

Dog Registration:

All dogs in Morinville, must be registered for and wear a licence tag.  Tags are available at the Town of Morinville Civic Hall, 10125-100 Avenue, Morinville.  The tag must be obtained or renewed annually on or before the end of January.

Fire Pit Permits

Under the Fire Services Bylaw 14/2015 permits are required for new and existing acceptable fire pits within the Town of Morinville.  Residents wanting to obtain a fire permit must pay the applicable fee at Town of Morinville Civic Hall at 10125-100 Avenue. Proof of the paid receipt is then forwarded to the Morinville Fire Department to arrange for a site inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, the applicant will be notified.  Arrangements to pick up approved permits will be made by the Morinville Fire Department, 10021-100 Street, Morinville.  Fire Pit Permits are valid for life; however, do not transfer to new owners of a home, or to a new home. It is the homeowners responsibility to keep approved fire pit(s) maintained.