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Highway 642 Road Maintenance - August 25, 2018

Town of Morinville Public Works staff looked into this on Friday as we weren't aware of the work being done.

The project is part of Alberta Transportation's Road Maintenance program - effort to minimize maintenance and prolong the useable life of the road. This is not a Town of Morinville project.


We believe it will be a week long process (weather dependent) involving all lanes and entail spraying an asphalt tack/spray and placing rock chips to seal and level the surface (based on past experience). The contractor will be sweeping up the remnant rock chips once the work has been completed. Public Works tried to get more details from the Contractor on timelines on Friday but weren't able to get a response.

Morinville's CAO has also advised Alberta Transportation's Manager of Operations and Manager of Infrastructure of our concerns and await their response.

Asphalt Maintenance and Pot Hole Repair:

Asphalt repairs are prioritized by the severity of the problem. Visual inspections are done on a regular basis and problem areas are ranked according to severity.

Crack Sealing:

This program involves the cleaning and sealing of road cracks in order to extend the useful life of the roadway by not allowing surface water to seep into the base of the road.

Traffic Line and Crosswalk Painting:

Public Works is responsible for line marking of all streets, curbs and Town managed parking lots - except 100 Ave (HWY 642) which is maintained by Alberta Transportation.

Line painting is weather dependent but generally begins in June and continues throughout the summer.

Sidewalk Repairs and Maintenance:

Curb and sidewalk repairs will be prioritized by the severity of the problem. Visual inspections are done on a regular basis and problem areas are ranked according to severity.

Street Sweeping:

Starting with main roads then moving to residential streets boulevard cleaning and street sweeping are scheduled to begin in May as weather permits. Advance notice signs are placed in residential subdivisions advising residents to move vehicles in order for crews to access their area to achieve a thorough cleaning. Street sweeping continues throughout the summer months for special events such as festivals and parades.

Trail Maintenance:

Portions of damaged trails will be maintained and repaired in the summer by Public Works staff or contracted based on operational tempo.

Street and Traffic Signs:

Public Works staff place a high priority on the quick replacement or repair of traffic regulating and street signs. Report any signs that have been knocked down or vandalized by calling the Public Works Department at 780-939-2590.

Road and Lane Grading:

Back lanes and East Boundary Road (RR 252) are inspected regularly and graded as required; problem areas will be addressed on a priority basis.


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