Water Management

All buildings which require water meters, and for which Building Permits are issued after March 1, 2006 shall have provision on the outside of the building in a convenient location between five (5) and six (6) feet above grade at the front or no more than five (5) feet from the front of the building if on the side nearest the driveway, a place for installation of a remote reading device by Morinville.

The user shall install a minimum triple 18 electrical wire in accordance with appropriate regulations from the place of the water meter to the place of the remote reading device. Clear unobstructed access to the water meter shall be provided. Any user shall be responsible for damage of the meter and remote reading device which may result from other than normal wear and tear.

Any consumer requesting the installation of a remote reading device on their premises will be required to comply with the above regulations and shall be responsible for the installation of the wiring and the payment to the Town of Morinville for the remote reading device. Ownership of the meter and remote reading device and any apparatus thereto remains property of the Town of Morinville.

The Town of Morinville does not assume any responsibility for any damages to the premises due to the installation of such wiring. The Town of Morinville will install the remote reading device on the outside of the premises.

All other conditions of the remote reading device shall apply. Effective April 7, 2011, water meters will be installed after the Building Inspector has completed a final inspection and the Town of Morinville has received a final building inspection report.

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