Water Management

Water conservation is a crucial part of any Municipal Sustainability Plan. In order to raise awareness, the Town of Morinville is committed to researching various aspects of conserving water both indoor and outdoor and to communicate with our residents on initiatives that are fairly simple to implement in the short term. As we enter warmer weather, gardening, lawn watering and vehicle washing are common activities which can quickly use up large amounts of water. Public information and education on leak detection and conservation tips are available in the links below.

Other long term initiatives will include a water audit identifying potential water loss within our infrastructure, research on best practices and water reduction strategies, a regional approach with neighbouring municipalities on water conservation and the development of a Water Conservation and Efficiency Plan. Please be kind to our environment.

Voluntary Odd-Even Watering Program

To assist with the upcoming spring/summer high demand period, the Town of Morinville is calling upon all residents and businesses to adopt an odd/even watering immediately. This practice would allow residents whose street address is an odd number to water lawns on odd numbered days and vice versa.

Please keep in mind that only one inch of water per week is required to maintain a healthy lawn. Furthermore, lawns should only be watered either early morning or late evening to avoid water loss through evaporation and to prevent "burning" of the lawn.

Should any additional measures be required to reduce water consumption over the summer, notifications will be sent out as soon as it becomes a necessity. Please help in conserving water by adhering to this voluntary request at this time.

Test Your Toilet for Leaks

A toilet leak can easily double your monthly water bill. While some leaks make faint hissing or trickling sounds, others are silent but just as costly. Toilet leaks are usually easy and inexpensive to fix. Your local hardware store can assist you by recommending the best method of repair or replacement.

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