Water Management

Seasonal Odour and Stormwater Concerns

Morinville has received a number of questions from residents regarding the odour both inside and outside their homes. Information has been prepared for residents and is available here.

Sanitary Sewer

The sewer system collects wastewater from your home or business and transports it to the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission for treatment. Sanitary charges are based on water consumption. 

Service throughout the town consists  of mainlines varying in size from 6 inches to 32 inches in diameter to the individual service connection points from the mains at the property line.

Town operators are responsible for daily checks and monitoring of the 3 sewage lifts stations. In addition they are responsible for the maintenance (yearly sewer flushing, CCTV camera inspections etc.) as well as repairs required to the network of over 43 km of mains, 2800 sewer service connections to the property line and 400 sewer manholes.

      Sewer Rates Bylaw

Morinville has a sani dump station, RV dump station, trailer dump or RV waste disposal station located at 9908 - 104 St (in the Ray McDonald Sports Center parking lot). It is free of charge, open 24 hours a day year round, however, the water is shut off during winter months (on approximately October 15).  For more information please contact Public Works at 780.939.2590.


The storm sewer drainage system collects storm water from overland flows as well as sump pump discharge water from either overland discharge or a shallow storm water system. Services consist of storm mains from 12 inches to 54  inch diameter connected to catch basins, storm pond outfalls and discharge lines. All new developments require a shallow storm system for collection of sump pump water tied into to the storm mains. All lots must be graded to ensure positive drainage away from the foundations in accordance with approved grading plans or the Towns lot grading standards (link to lot grading pamphlet).

Town operators are responsible for daily checks and monitoring of the storm water lift stations and outfalls. In addition they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 19 km of storm mains, 310 catch basins and leads, over 215  storm manholes, open ditches and culverts, 8 storm water management ponds and 4 storm water lift stations to regulate discharge velocities to the receiving environment.

Contact Information:

Contact the Town of Morinville’s Public Works Department at 780-939-2590 during business hours Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. After hours call the Utilities Emergency Number at 780-965-0994.

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