Business Licences

Business licences are the way we connect with your business and helps to legitimize businesses in our community. 

Why do I need a licence?

Business licences are required for individuals or groups who operate or sell in Morinville, even if your business is not based here. This helps you connect with us for promotion throughout Morinville, opportunities for your business and news, and access to our online business directory.

How do I get a licence?

For a “NEW” business licence, please fill out the: NEW Business Licence Application Form.
To “RENEW” a business licence, please fill out the RENEW Business Licence Application Form.

Fill out and submit one of the online applications above. Alternately, choose to print an application and drop off your completed form in-person or by mail to St. Germain Place (Civic Hall), 10125 100 Avenue, Morinville, Alberta T8R 1L6. 

The Business Licence Inspector will review each complete application and will provide a decision within thirty (30) days of receipt. A licence is issued once fees are collected and any other approvals are completed.

Promptly inform the Business Licence Inspector to report any change to the information provided in this application form.

Where can I operate my business?

You may need a development permit and building permit to move your business to Morinville, depending upon the type of business and planned location.

Moving business locations within town may also require a permit, due to:

  • The zoning of the location;
  • If the business type has changed;
  • If you are expanding the building or lot; or
  • If it is a residential area.

Residential businesses, or home-based businesses, need to have a completed permit so we know how your business will fit in with its location.

Are you a Mobile Vendor business owner?

Mobile Vendors (food trucks/trailers/carts, etc.) that wish to operate in Morinville must abide by the Mobile Vendor Bylaw as well as the Business Licence Bylaw. To review the responsibilities specific to Mobile Vendors please review the Mobile Vendor Bylaw here. Mobile Vendors will also be required to complete the Mobile Vendor Online Check-In Form here each day they wish to operate in Morinville.


We have a few different types of licences that work with how your business is operating in Morinville. All resident and non-resident licences expire on December 31 of each year.

Licence type and fees
Licence typeFee

Resident Licence


Resident Hawker


Resident Temporary


Resident Special Event


Non-Resident Licence


Non-Resident Hawker


Non-Resident Temporary


Non-Resident Special Event


Youth Business Licence


Cancelling or changing a business licence

If you are making any changes or cancelling your business licence, please contact Business Licences or call 780-939-4361.


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