Temporary Outdoor Patios and Retail Program

Morinville is striving to support and provide flexibility to businesses who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Temporary patios and retail space applications, authorized by Development Permit 21-D0032, are now being accepted.

Temporary Outdoor Patio and Retail Space Requirements

Businesses interested in setting up a temporary patio and retail space need to complete the following steps:

 Step 1
Review our Temporary Outdoor Patio and Retail Space Requirements to ensure that your design will comply with all of the requirements. If you are a commercial tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the landowner consents to your proposal. If there are other businesses adjacent to you or on the same property that could be affected by your proposal, make sure they are aware of it.
 Step 2
Using an image or drawing outline the proposed boundaries of the temporary patio or retail space on the plan (doesn’t have to be fancy – a square with a marker showing the area on an aerial photo is sufficient).

Keep in mind all of the guidelines, but most importantly:

  • Maintain safe pedestrian and vehicular flow
  • Ensure that you are not occupying any barrier-free parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities
  • Avoid landscaped areas
  • Ensure impacts are mitigated to adjacent businesses and plans are maintained in front of your business only

Please check out the Example Site Plan & Traffic Accommodation Plan

 Step 3

Review the Application Form, ensure your proposal complies with the Requirements once again and submit it. 

If you are proposing to use any public property, including sidewalks, public parking areas, park areas, or Town-owned parcels of land, you must also obtain insurance and provide a copy of your insurance certificate to the Town to keep on file. In addition to the agreement form, submit the site plan you prepared in Step 2.

If you are proposing to use public sidewalk space, Town of Morinville Infrastructure Services will be installing equipment to keep your area safe. Please keep in mind that equipment will need to be organized and must be in place before the use of a temporary patio and retail space on Town property can occur. This process may be several weeks at a minimum. 

We will review and provide a confirmation to you that the insurance information is sufficient.  Once you have this confirmation, you can proceed with creating your patio and retail space.

 Submit Application Form

 Step 4
Once your application is approved start creating your space! Utilize planters and other fun elements to create a temporary space that attracts customers while respecting adjacent businesses and follows Town guidelines!
 Step 5

If you want to add a liquor Licence, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) requires that you apply for a separate liquor license for the outdoor patio. Please contact AGLC directly. 

Going forward ensure your Temporary Patio or Retail space complies with the Morinville Fire Department regulations for occupancy and use of equipment such as patio heaters.