Heritage Naming

Heritage Naming is used to recognize Morinville's past and history. The names that are approved by Council are used to name facilities, parks, streets, and districts that has made significant contributions to the community.


We welcome applications that meet these important historical impacts to Morinville. Guidelines for a submission must be well documented and broadly acknowledge within the community. An applicant may (be):

  • Alive or deceased;
  • Need not be current residents of Morinville;
  • Have historical significance to Morinville and its development;
  • Have historical significance to the communities surrounding Morinville, including Alexander First Nation and Canadian Forces Base Edmonton.
  • Have demonstrated excellence, courage, or exceptional service to Morinville, the Province of Alberta, or to Canada;
  • Have achievements that were extraordinary in the scholastic, professional, or public service arenas;
  • Have an extraordinary community service record;
  • Have risked their life in extraordinary circumstances, or given his/her life to save or protect others.

An application must submit a proposal that includes:

  • Documentation verifying that the person/organization being honoured in agreement with the proposal (if they are living), or by their legal representative should they be deceased;
  • Background information and/or biographical information demonstrating that the proposed name is of significance to the community; and,
  • Documentation including letters of support for the Heritage Naming.

This application can be made in person or by email. All applications will be internally and externally vetted by groups and organizations that hold a significant historical connection to Morinville, as well as being posted on this page. Applications are brought for Council's approval, and the applicant will be notified of the date. 

Heritage naming news

  • Rene Chevalier