Mission Vision Values and Principles

Our Mission

Working together to build a complete community for today and the future through our commitment to the well-being of Morinville.

Our Vision

Morinville, embracing our past; building pride in our future.

Our Core Values

Morinville's Council and Administration have endorsed the following core values which govern the way the municipality makes decisions, how we interact with others and how we conduct ourselves:

  • Integrity and Respect
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Accountability and Service Excellence
  • Teamwork and Responsiveness
  • Partnership and Collaboration

Our Principles

Morinville's Council respects the motto reflected on Morinville's Coat of Arms: We Serve, We Listen and We Achieve.

We Serve:

  • With Integrity
  • With Purpose
  • Without Prejudice

We Listen:

  • To the Public
  • To Each Other
  • To Reason

We Achieve:

  • Sustainable Services
  • Innovative Governance
  • Community Pride