Code of Conduct

Morinville Town Council has an approved Council Code of Conduct Bylaw.

The bylaw outlines expected behaviours, values and recommendations for effective governance, and sets standards for ethical and interpersonal conduct for all members of Council. The bylaw supports statutes, laws and policies about the conduct of members.

Key concepts

  • Councillors hold and foster respect for the democratic decision making process.
  • Councillors hold in strict confidence all information deemed to be confidential and shall not be responsible for releasing confidential information in any way.
  • Councillors recognize that official information is communicated by Council as a whole or by the Mayor as the chief elected official.
  • Councillors will not accept gifts, rewards or benefits which connect directly or indirectly with the performance of the duties of office.
  • Councillors are committed to creating and sustaining a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring work environment.
  • Councillors shall not engage in activities inconsistent with the ethical discharge of official duties in the public interest.
  • Councillors shall engage in respectful interactions with other Council Members, staff, the public and others.
  • The Code of Conduct Bylaw includes formal and informal processes for complaints, compliance and enforcement.