Planning and Development

Land use planning in the Province of Alberta follows a hierarchy from each level of government.  Municipal governments must follow and incorporate the legislation from higher levels of governments as shown on the diagram below.

Provincial Planning Documents

Regional Planning Documents

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (EMRGP) lays out policies for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.  

Local Planning Documents - (MDP, ASPs, LUB, Conceptual Schemes) 

Below lists the Town of Morinville's land use planning documents:


Municipal Development Plan
The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is the primary statutory land use planning document. It provides direction and land use policies for the entire Town of Morinville.
Area Structure Plan(s) & Area Re-development Plan(s) 
Area Structure Plan(s) (ASP) and Area Re-development Plan(s) (ARP) should align with the MDP and are detailed statutory plans providing the framework for current and future subdivision and development or re-development of specific areas in the Town of Morinville.
Conceptual Schemes
Conceptual Scheme(s) are very detailed non-statutory sub-level plans which align with the MDP and ASPs or ARPs. They provide a framework at the neighborhood or block level for current and future subdivision and development in the Town of Morinville.
Land Use Bylaw
The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is the primary tool to implement the goals, objectives and policies of land use plans such as, the MDP, ASPs and ARPs and controls the use and development of lands and buildings. It divides the town into land use districts, and establishes development standards for each district, and provides for a system for issuing development permits.

Subdivision and Development 

The Subdivision and Development webpage provides further information for applications, licences, permits, agreements and other development service documentation. 

Land Use Policies

The Town of Morinville’s planning policies ensure detailed guidance and direction for current and future development. These policies support one another and higher-level planning documents and Bylaws.

The following are the Town’s planning policies published in accordance with the requirements of the MGA:

Town Plans, Reports, and Studies 

View links to Town plans, reports and studies that may be useful or related to land use planning.
Planning - Projects 
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Public Engagement

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Planning - News and Notices

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Land Use Map
Click here to view the land use district map.

NOTE: The Planning and Economic Development Department strives to keep all information updated. However, it is recommended applicants contact the department for subdivision or development related questions, and prior to submitting any final application(s).