Under the Municipal Government Act, we are required to prepare a three-year operating budget, and an annual capital plan. The budget supports our mission, vision, values and principles.

Each year, we provide a three-year operating budget and a 25-year capital plan.

Your feedback and input helps us make informed decisions during budget deliberations. We encourage residents to email budget thoughts, questions and concerns.

Important documents

Budget Timeline

Budget process

Morinville has adopted a Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) as the main document that reflects the goals of Morinville through 2035.

The MSP, three year Strategic Plan and other planning documents, guides the preparation of the operating budget. Council is given these documents, updated year-to date information and past year's financials for reference before approving current year tax rates and utility levies.

Our budget information is organized into tax-supported operations and utility-supported operations. This helps to focus each divisions' budget and each department's services and programs.

General Budget Cycle


Operating budget documents

Capital plans

Audited financial statements

Public Engagement 

Budget 2023 Public Engagement Survey Results

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