Prescription to Get Active

The Prescription to Get Active program started as a small grassroots effort in Alberta in 2011, and in 2015 became a federal not-for-profit Corporation. The program was created with the intention to combat physical inactivity, thereby reducing the incidents of numerous chronic diseases and the health implications and costs associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The program has been quickly adopted across the entire province of Alberta and is involved with more than half of the Primary Care Networks.


The goal of the Prescription to Get Active program is to improve the health of Canadians by increasing access and exposure to physical activity through an integrated partnership between healthcare and recreation. Inactivity has a higher impact on mortality than smoking, obesity and diabetes combined. Sedentary behaviour costs our healthcare system an estimated $10 billion annually, and obesity another $20 billion. Activity is the top form of prevention and treatment for many of the most common health conditions.

How the Program Works

Most people need the encouragement of a healthcare professional to get started, and the support from qualified fitness and recreation professionals to find programs to help them get active and keep them moving towards lifestyle change. Doctors and healthcare teams, in partnership with the Prescription to Get Active program, identify patients who would significantly benefit from regular physical activity.

Once identified, the prescriber writes a prescription “to get active” specific to the patient. The patient records their prescription on the Prescription to Get Active website, and is connected with partnering recreation and fitness facilities like the Morinville Leisure Centre that will provide free trial access.

Prescription to Get Active at the MLC

Redeeming your Prescription to Get Active at the Morinville Leisure Centre grants you a free 10-visit pass that is valid for 30 days. This pass includes a tour of the facility and a Fitness Orientation to provide an introduction to the various fitness spaces and equipment. It also includes an Individual Fitness Consultation with a qualified trainer, group fitness classes, recreation activities such as pickleball, basketball, badminton, skating and more.