Applications, Licences and Permits

Morinville has a variety of applications, licences and permits. You can find more details about them here:

Abandoned well declaration

All Subdivision Applications and Development Applications for buildings over 47m2 require an Abandoned Well Declaration from the applicant. 

Contact: Development 

Access to information request

An Access to Information Request is required to access recorded information that is not routinely available. This includes accessing and/or correcting your own personal information.

Contact: Freedom of Information Requests 

Addressing request

An Addresses Request is required to change your address, or add suite or unit numbers to an existing building, like a secondary suite or a commercial retail unit. 

For more information please see Civic Addressing

Contact: GIS

Amendment application

Bylaw amendments are the process to change land use districting (zoning) on a parcel, change text in the Land Use Bylaw or change a statutory plan.

Contact: Development 

Animal harbouring

You are allowed to own a maximum of three cats and or dogs per household. If you would like to own more than three, please fill out our harboring application for approval. You can send us your completed application.

Contact: Enforcement Services 

Animal registration

Visit Town Hall at 10125 100 Avenue to complete your animal registration form.

  • Dogs and cats must be registered
  • Tags must be renewed yearly, on or before the end of January. 

Contact: General Information or Enforcement Services

Assessment complaints agent authorization

You have 60 days from the date of the tax notice to file an assessment complaint.

Contact: Property Assessment 

Automatic payment withdrawals termination

If you wish to have automatic payment withdrawals from your bank account stopped, please:

Contact: General Information

Block parties

Block parties are a great way to get to know your neighbours and build a sense of community. From June to early September, you can hold block parties in Morinville with an approved application.

Contact: Community Services 

Boards and committees

Each year, Town Council appoints members of the community to its municipal boards and committees.

Contact: Legislative Services 

Building permits

A building permit is required for new buildings or structures in Morinville. For this permit to be granted it requires supporting documents (development permit and/or land use confirmation).

Contact: Permits 

Business licence

We require businesses operating within municipal limits obtain an annual business licence. Watch for the renewal notices each December.

Contact: Business Licences 

Bylaw complaints

Community Peace Officers enforce bylaws and provincial legislation. Working alongside the RCMP, we assist with collisions and other emergency situations to enhance your quality of life. Contact us if you have any concerns.

Contact: General Information or Enforcement Services

Civic Addresses 

Every parcel, building, and unit within the town has a unique address assigned to it. These addresses help direct emergency services, Canada Post, and visitors throughout town and to your location. 


Addresses are assigned by following the Morinville Addressing Guide. 


For any changes to addresses, please fill out the Addressing Request Form.

Community grant and support application

A grant for not-for-profit community groups, teams, organizations and associations. Grant funding categories include: arts and culture, recreation and sport development, community development and Family and Community Support Services.

Contact: Community Services

Compliance certificates

At a cost to the applicant (see Fees and Charges Bylaw for details), a Compliance Certificate is a document issued by the Town of Morinville, confirming that all buildings and/or structures (i.e., Houses, decks, sheds, hot tubs, detached garages etc.) located on a property either meet or do not meet the regulations and restrictions of the Town of Morinville's Land Use Bylaw.

The applicant must:

  • Complete the form
  • Supply two (2) original copies of a Real Property Report (no older than 6 months old).
  • Provide a copy of title (no older than 30 days old). 
  • Complete payment of fees

Download the Compliance Certificate Application. You may also view the Compliance Certificate Brochure

Contact: Development


Condominium conversions

Condominium conversions are a type of subdivision that splits an existing parcel of land, normally with multiple dwellings or uses, into separate parcels.

Contact: Planning and Land Use 

Council delegation request

Council encourages you to share your thoughts and ideas on issues in Morinville. You can speak at a Regular Council or Committee of the Whole meeting.

Contact: Legislative Services

Damage deposit refund

When applying for new construction in town, most development is subject to a damage deposit. To get the damage deposit refund after construction is completed, you will need complete an application.

Contact: Development 

Development permits

All development, subdivision, building or changes of use in Morinville require permits unless specifically exempted.

Contact: Development Permits

Electrical permit

Safety codes permits are regulated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and are reviewed by our contracted agency The Inspections Group Inc.

Contact: Permits 

Encroachment agreement request

An encroachment agreement can exist between the town and a landowner to allow a building to encroach on town land.

Contact: Development 

Firefighter recruitment

Every year Morinville Fire Department recruits new volunteer paid-on-call firefighters (when needed). Watch for updates.

Contact: Morinville Fire Services 

Fire Pit Application

Fire pits are regulated under the Land Use Bylaw.  Prior to building a fire pit, you must apply for a development permit.  Fire pits must be inspected by a Fire Prevention Officer prior to containing a fire.

 Gas permit

Safety codes permits are regulated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and are reviewed by our contracted agency The Inspections Group Inc.

Contact: Permits 

Home occupation - home businesses

If you are an occupant of a dwelling and you conduct business activities in any form, it is a home business. There are three types of home businesses: home office, home occupation minor and home occupation major. To apply for a business licence, you may need to complete the home business questionnaire.

Contact: Permits

Landfill permit

Residents with a Morinville utility account are eligible to apply for a Landfill Permit. With this permit, residents are able to take garbage, yard waste or recycling to the Roseridge Landfill.

  • Permits are issued at St. Germain Place (Civic Hall) located at 10125 100 Avenue
  • Picture identification is required
  • Cost calculation: Determined by Roseridge Landfill, as detailed in the Waste Management Bylaw
  • This cost is added to your monthly utility bill

Contact: General Information or Public Works or call 780-939-4361.

 Leader-in-training program

Are you a grade 9 to 11 student interested in building leadership skills? Are you looking for an opportunity to gain counseling experience? Are you available for at least two days during the summer?

Contact: Community Services

Lot grading

Lot grading is the process to ensure parcels with new construction have proper surface drainage. Developers or builders generally complete this but occasionally it must be done by a homeowner.

Contact: Development 

Morinville youth leadership program

This free drop-in program runs through the school year and over the summer. The times vary depending on the time of year.

Contact: Community Services 

Notice of appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

When the Subdivision or Development Authority makes a decision, the decisions are subject to appeal.

Contact: Planning and Economic Development 

Occupancy load permit

If you require an occupancy load permit complete and submit the occupancy load permit request.  Payment can be made at the Town Hall located at 10125 100 Avenue and the cost is $100.00.

Contact: Morinville Fire Services

Plumbing permit

Safety codes permits are regulated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and are reviewed by our contracted agency The Inspections Group Inc.

Contact: Permits 

Property file and environmental site assessment search requests

A property file search is a formal request from owners or agents for documentation from the Town. As such, there is a minimum $150.00 fee to the applicant for these services.

Real Property Reports and Legal Surveys are not available.

Property file searches and Environmental Site Assessments pertain to development history, and may include safety code permit history (electrical, plumbing and gas), building and development permits, lot grading, environmental history, etc.

The file search request will take between 15 to 25 business days.

Contact: Planning or Freedom of Information Requests

Recreation without barriers

This initiative helps our youth take part in recreation programs. It provides approved applicants with reduced costs or covers the full costs for programs offered by the town or school.

Contact: Community Services 

Request for additional cart

We provide residents with weekly waste collection, as well as several special collection events. Please note, there is an additional fee added to your monthly utility bill if you would like an additional garbage cart.

Contact: Public Works 

Request to correct personal information

We strive to keep personal information as accurate and up-to-date as is necessary for the purpose that it was collected. You have the right to request that any factual errors or omissions be corrected.

Contact: Freedom of Information Requests 

Seniors home support program

Developed to help seniors 65+ live safely and securely in their homes, the program provides basic lawn care and snow removal.

Contact: Community Services 


A subdivision is the process in which parcels are divided or adjusted and may include lot line adjustments, new housing communities, splitting of infill lots or commercial strips.

Contact: Planning and Land Use 

Tax installment program

Property taxes are due June 30 of each year. You can set up automatic payments throughout the year through our Tax Installment Program.

Contact: Utility and Tax Payment 

Temporary road closure

If you require a permit to interfere with traffic, block a road or block a sidewalk, please apply for a road closure permit.

Contact: Enforcement Services

Underground electrical permit

Safety codes permits are regulated under the Alberta Safety Codes Act and are reviewed by our contracted agency The Inspections Group Inc.

Contact: Permits 

Unique animal ownership

You may apply to own any domesticated animal (such as, chickens) that are not a cat or a dog.

Contact: General Information or Enforcement Services

Utility account

We provide watersewer, and solid waste collection for Morinville residents and businesses. Utility rates for water, sewer and solid waste are established annually by Council through the budget process.

Utility pre-authorized payment plan

We offer many payment methods for paying for utilities; cash, cheque, debit, Visa, MasterCard. You may also set up a pre-authorized payment plan.

Contact: Utility and Tax Payment 


We have many volunteer opportunities. Contact us to talk about how you can make a difference in your community.

Contact: Community Services 

Volunteer appreciation grant

Organizations within Morinville can apply for up to $200/per organization to contribute to the further development and celebration of their own volunteers. The grant for each calendar year opens to applications on February 15 and closes April 1. Approved organizations will receive confirmation on or before April 15 of the application submission year.

Contact: Community Services 

Water-sewer permit

Infrastructure Services reviews and inspects all water-sewer permits also known as service connection inspections. Call 780-939-7842 or to schedule an inspection.

Contact: Permits