Enforcement Services

Community Peace Officers enforce bylaws and provincial legislation. Working alongside the RCMP, we assist with collisions and other emergency situations to enhance your quality of life. 

What we do

We work within the town enforcing residents' concerns such as:

  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Pet ownership
  • Community standards
  • Municipal bylaws

File a complaint 

In the community

Safety of you and your family is our top priority. We host annual safety programs such as:

  • Bike Rodeo for children ages five to twelve
  • Pedestrian safety for all grade one and two students
  • Bike safety for all grade three and four students

For more information about upcoming programs, please view our Program Guide or register for a program.

We are able to facilitate any safety related training and awareness. Contact Enforcement Services.

Positive tickets

If an officer spots your child having a positive impact on our community, they can issue a positive ticket which may come with a special treat!