Residents with a utility account are provided with a garbage cart (grey) that is collected weekly. We also offer several special collection events including Christmas Tree Collection, Large Item Collection and Household Hazardous Roundup.

Curbside collection requirements

Follow these instructions to ensure your waste or organics carts are collected.

  • Place your cart curbside by 7 a.m.
  • Fully close the cart lid.
  • Place all garbage in bags or boxes inside the cart; no loose rubbish.
  • Point the arrows on top of the cart towards the road when putting the cart out.
  • Ensure there is at least one metre distance from all obstacles such as fences, cars, other carts or blue bags.

illustration of 1 metre distances between carts

When is my collection day?

  • Tuesday if you live north of 100 Avenue (Highway 642) or in South Glens.
  • Wednesday if you live south of 100 Avenue (Highway 642).
  • View our Waste Collection Schedule
Where does it go?

If you are not sure if an item should be placed in your garbage cart, organics cart or recycle bag, check out our Waste Wizard.

Too much garbage for the cart
Do not leave material such as garbage bags, bags of leaves or large tree branches beside the carts, these items will not be collected. Any material that does not fit into your garbage cart or organics cart can be brought to the Roseridge Landfill using your Landfill permit.
 Request an additional cart

Homeowners can request the delivery of an additional waste or organics cart.

  • An additional fee will be added to your monthly utility bill.
  • The additional cart must be kept for one year from the date of order before cancelling the request.
 Contact us to report
  • Submit concern online
  • Please contact Public Works 780-939-2590 during business hours, Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
 Cart care: cleaning and filling tips
  • Control flies and bugs by spreading dish soap around the lip of your cart.
  • Hose down your cart (inside and out) with soap, baking soda or ammonia.

Learn more from our Waste Management Bylaw and The Recycling Council of Alberta.