Noxious Weeds and Invasive Plants

Weeds, grass and pests

Any vegetation or weed concerns in parks or town-owned properties are maintained by using our established maintenance standards.

For any possible issues on private property, file a concern.

Enforcement Services is responsible for all noxious weeds and pests.


Permissible and Native Weeds

Noxious Weeds

  • Identified and regulated by the Alberta Weed Control Act
  • Dangerous and invasive to the environment and your property
  • Regulations state all noxious weeds must be controlled and all prohibited noxious weeds need to be destroyed

Community Peace Officers are designated weed inspectors and can assist with noxious weeds. Report noxious weeds found in public spaces to Community Peace Officers

Please familiarize yourself with these weeds to avoid introductions and minimize spread on the land you own or occupy.


Landowners are responsible to ensure compliance with the Community Standards Bylaw. Your grass cannot exceed 6 inches or 15 centimetres in length.

Town owned properties are maintained by Public Works.

Foxtail Barley

  • Is a native species, so it is not subject to the Alberta Weed Control Act
  • It thrives in warm, dry weather and can quickly take over areas
  • Mowing or pulling the plant by hand is the most effective way to prevent foxtail from spreading and going to seed
  • Typically goes to seed in August
  • The sharp, barbed seed heads are dangerous to animals as they can latch onto their fur and skin or be inhaled
  • Stay cautious, particularly in the later summer months, when using parks and trails with your pets


Several animals are labelled as pests in Alberta. Pests can damage the environment and your property. Landowners are responsible to prevent infestations of pests.

Community Peace Officers are designated as pest inspectors and can assist with pests.