Property Assessments

The Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation is available if you would like to learn about property assessment in Alberta.

You have 60 days from the date of the tax notice to file an assessment complaint. Tax assessors can make changes to your assessment before you file an official complaint, which may save you money on complaint filing fees.


If you have questions regarding your tax assessment, make sure to speak to our assessor first.

Morinville's assessor is:

Justin Goudreau

Municipal Assessment Services Group Inc.
PO Box 3369, 10404 – 100 Avenue
Morinville, Alberta T8R 1S2
Phone: 780-939-3310
Email: Assessor

Annual property assessment re-inspections

Assessors from Municipal Assessment Services Group Inc. will be out conducting annual property assessment re-inspections on behalf of the Town of Morinville.

We conduct an annual general re-inspection of 20% of properties in order to mantain the property assessment data is accurate and current, as part of the 5 Year Re-Inspection Cycle Program. Assessors may be on site, taking exterior pictures of asessable buildings, and walking the properties involved. They will not require access into your home or buildings.

The Assessors will be in marked vehicles with the Municipal Assessment Services Group Inc. logo on doors and will also be wearing photo ID under the same name. 

Review boards and legislation

If you are filing complaints for the current assessment year, we recommend that you:

  • Review all changes; and
  • View the decision requirements of both the Local Assessment Review Board and the Composite Assessment Review Board.

Even if you file an appeal on your assessment, taxes are still due by June 30.

Appealing decisions

Appeals to the decisions of both boards are only available to the Alberta Court of King's Bench. There is no longer a right to appeal to the Municipal Government Board.

Making an assessment complaint

Please complete a complaint form and contact the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board at 780-939-4361 no later than the final date for complaint shown on your Tax Notice. Make sure to include the payment for any required filing fees. Fees will be refunded if your appeal is successful.

Complaint agent authorization

You can use a Complaint Agent Authorization Form if the property owner is being represented by someone designated on their behalf.

Assessment complaint filing fees


Single Family Residential (three or fewer dwellings and farm land)


Residential (four or more dwellings)


Non-Residential (Commercial)


Make sure to pay the correct and entire fee by the deadline when filing a complaint to the Assessment Review Board, otherwise the complaint will not be valid as per Sections 460(2) of the Municipal Government Act. Your complaint will not be filed and will be returned to you.