We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the roads and sidewalks within Town limits, except 100 Avenue (Highway 642) which is maintained by Alberta Transportation. We are committed to ensuring that roads, residential streets, sidewalks, lanes and trails are safe for vehicles and pedestrians. We assess all concerns and perform repairs on a priority basis. 

Please obey all posted street signs and traffic control measures when you see our crews working on or near any roadways. The measures are designed to protect staff and ensure the work can be completed as quickly and safely as possible. We will give advance notice for specific construction projects to businesses and residents to minimize any service disruptions.

Please submit any concerns or questions you may have regarding road maintenance via:

 Report a concern

Current and upcoming road maintenance


Street sweeping

The Town contracts out residential street sweeping every spring. Street sweeping makes the roads safe for driving and cycling. It also helps to keep catch basins clean and to keep debris out of the storm water system. 

*Street sweeping schedule is subject to change. Please relocate trailers and vehicles from the scheduled streets no later than 7:00 am . Vehicles and trailers that are not moved are subject to ticketing and towing.

Watch for street sweeping signs in your area. Signs will be put out a minimum of 24 hours prior to a street being cleaned.

  • Residents must move their vehicles off any street with a no parking sign no later than 7:00 am on the day listed until street sweeping has been completed and signs have been removed. We encourage residents to move their vehicles the night before to ensure roads are clear for street sweeping.
  • Any vehicles or trailers that are not moved during scheduled street sweeping operations are subject to ticketing and towing.
  • Remove driveway gutter ramps and other on-street obstructions (basketball nets, waste collection carts, etc.).
  • Street cleaning activities may take place on curbside waste collection pick up days.
  • Should street sweeping occur on the same day as curbside waste collection, you should place carts and blue bags in the centre of your driveway/driveway apron (30 cm or 1 foot from the end). If your garbage is picked up from your back alleyway, the carts can be placed 30 cm or 1 foot from the edge of your driveway/driveway apron. For residents that do not have a driveway, carts and blue bags can be placed on your curb or lawn (30 cm or 1 foot from the end). During street sweeping, carts cannot be on the road, sidewalk or in the gutter. 
  • Sweep sand and debris from your sidewalk and driveway onto the roadway in advance.
  • Keep windows closed, air quality may be affected for a short time during street sweeping.
  • Be aware when encountering street sweeping equipment. Slow down and follow from a safe distance. Only pass when the equipment is at a standstill and it is safe to do so.
  • If your driveway gutter ramp is left in place, costs to repair damage to Town equipment will be your responsibility.
  • The Town will not be liable for damaged or missing ramps.
  • Street sweeping is completed on roads and paved alleys.
  • Trail and sidewalk sweeping takes place in the spring when time and weather permit.
  • It is possible that streets in a zone are not completed on the scheduled day. Delays may be due to weather, equipment damage or cars parked in no parking areas. The zone will be rescheduled and signs will be put out at least 24 hours in advance. 
  • Street sweepers may be brought in for special events such as festivals and parades.

Road, laneway, trail, and sidewalk surface repair and maintenance

Asphalt maintenance and pothole repair:
  • Asphalt repairs are completed throughout the spring and summer.
  • Visual inspections are done on a regular basis and problem areas are prioritized based on severity.
Crack sealing:
  • This program involves the cleaning and sealing of road cracks in order to extend the useful life of the roadway, by not allowing surface water to seep into the road base.
  • All roads in Town are sealed every three to four years on a rotational basis.
  • This program runs primarily during the months of July and August
Crosswalk and traffic line painting:
  • Line painting begins in spring, weather permitting and continues throughout the summer.
Road and lane grading:
  • Staff regularly inspect laneways as well as East Boundary Road, problem areas are addressed on a priority basis.
Sidewalks repairs:
  • Visual inspections are done on a regular basis and problem areas are prioritized based on severity.
  • Any hazardous sidewalks and tripping hazards brought to our attention will be investigated and repairs will be completed on a priority basis.

Traffic and street signs

The quick repair or replacement of traffic and street signs is a high priority. Report any signs that have been knocked down or vandalized. Be sure to provide a location description so we can dispatch a crew to make necessary repairs.

Please submit concern online or contact Infrastructure Services at 780-939-2590.

Street lights and power boxes

  • Fortis Alberta owns and maintains all streetlights and power boxes in Morinville. Report burnt out streetlights or damaged power boxes by calling 310-WIRE (310-9473) or online with request a streetlight repair.
  • Fortis will send a Power Line Technician to make the necessary repairs.