Traffic Safety and Photo Enforcement

Traffic safety

Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of injury-related death and disability among Capital Region residents. Each year, there are approximately 25,000 collisions in the region and over one in four results in injury or death. We use many traffic safety initiatives and tools, including photo enforcement, to reduce collisions and the resulting injuries. These initiatives and tools contribute to our overall goal of Vision Zero, where no severe motor vehicle incidents occur on our roads. 

Some of the ways we address traffic safety are:

Traffic Safety Plan

The Traffic Safety Plan will primarily focus on four driving behaviors including speeding, distracted driving, crosswalk and pedestrian safety as well as intersection safety. Community Peace Officers will focus their enforcement efforts on all roadways within Morinville with extra focus on school zones and playground zones.

Pedestrian safety

We encourage the Point, Pause, Proceed method for everyone, especially children. Here is what you need to know:

Point Pause Proceed

Slowdown Check Proceed

Bicycle safety

We host a bike rodeo annually to educate children on the importance of bike safety.

Helmets and lights

  • Helmets should cover your forehead and not tip back
  • No hats under your helmet
  • Take the Bike Helmet YES Test
  • Bell on your bicycle for passing
  • Reflectors on front and back during daytime use and lights on front and back when it becomes dark

Crossing roadways

  • Cross at intersections. Get off your bike and walk across the road when safe to do so. Once safely across you may get back on your bicycle and proceed.

How to signal turns

  • Left: Hold arm straight out to the left
  • Right Bend your elbow, holding arm up in an ā€œLā€ shape
  • Stop: Bend your elbow, pointing your arm downward in an upside down ā€œLā€ shape

Speed display signs

There are several interactive signs placed in town that display vehicle speeds as motorists approach. The purpose of these signs is to slow vehicles down by making drivers aware that they are driving at speeds above the posted limit.

Commercial vehicles

Community Peace Officers ensure commercial vehicles are mechanically fit to be on our local roads. They are trained in commercial vehicle enforcement such as mechanical inspections, weights and dimensions, cargo securement and more.

Dangerous goods and truck route

100 Street

North Municipal Limits

South Municipal Limits

100 Avenue

East Municipal Limits


West Municipal Limits

Highway 2

107 Street

100 Avenue

Town Shop

101 Avenue

100 Street

107 Street

Industrial Park

100 Street (service road)

87 Avenue

95 Street including 98 Street

90 Avenue

Provincial permit approvals

Contact Enforcement Services with a copy of your provincial permit including route of choice with date and time of travel for municipal approvals.

Traffic obstruction permit

If you require a permit to interfere with traffic, block a road or block a sidewalk, please apply for a road closure permit. You can email Enforcement Services the completed form or drop it off in person at St. Germain Place (Civic Hall) 10125 100 Avenue.


Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership (CRISP)

CRISP initiatives are evidence-based and integrate best practices in the areas of education, engineering and enforcement strategies followed by evaluation of results and target four priorities: Red Light ViolationsPedestrian SafetySpeedingHigh Crash Locations

Automated traffic enforcement

The use of photo enforcement significantly reduces speeding and is one of the tools we use that has been proven to reduce collisions and the resulting injuries. Photo enforcement contributes towards our overall goal of Vision Zero, where no severe motor vehicle incidents occur on our roads.

 Photo enforcement locations
We have a number of photo enforcement locations. View an Interactive map of all of our enforcement sites, including the site justification sheets.

Morinville photo enforcement locations

 Photo enforcement policy
Council has an approved Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Policy that:
  • Provides direction for the use of Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology to ensure public awareness, fairness and consistency to residents and visitors within Morinville corporate limits.
  • Ensures the use of Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology for the purpose of traffic enforcement is not in contravention of the Province of Alberta's Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Guidelines and the Automated Traffic Enforcement Training Guidelines.
  • Ensures the use of Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology is for the purpose of enhancing existing enforcement operations for the improvement of traffic and pedestrian safety in Morinville.
  • Supports the goals of the Municipal Sustainability Plan in areas of Leadership, Governance, Safety and the responsible allocation of revenues.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Policy

 Automated Traffic Enforcement Annual Report 
 The Automated Traffic Enforcement Technology Guideline requires that on an annual basis:
  • As outlined in the local traffic safety plan, release a report on ATE program results that demonstrate the impact ATE has had on traffic safety, and how ATE is supporting the objectives within the local traffic safety plan. 
  • The report would include specific locations where ATE was deployed in the municipalities and corresponding collision statistics for each location and how collision rates compared to previous years.

 2022 ATE Annual Report  2021 Annual ATE Report

 2020 ATE Annual Report  2019 ATE Annual Report