Grants and Incentives

Community grants

Morinville has established a Community Grant Policy and Administrative Directive that offers grants to not-for-profit community groups, teams, organizations, associations and residents of Morinville for community development purposes. Initiatives focused on attaining positive outcomes for the community may be funded through this grant program.

Send your completed application to Community Services prior to each deadline date.

Funding categories

Arts/Culture means the application should strengthen and develop literary, visual, performing, heritage and media arts. It should enhance access and annual participation in creative expression through initiatives that contribute to a vibrant cultural life.

Recreation/Sport development means the application will encourage active lifestyles and engaged citizenship within sport and recreation. The application will inspire the development of initiatives that encourages program design and delivery, active lifestyles, volunteerism opportunities, professional development for coaches/volunteers, leadership and events that are regional and provincial in scope.

Community development means the application should assist with hosting a significant local, regional, provincial and national program, activity or event within the Town of Morinville. 

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) means the application should present well-designed preventative programs that improve the social well-being of individuals families and our community.

Application intake schedule

First Intake          

Application deadline of February 28 for applications April 1 - June 30

Final report deadline of August 30

Second Intake

Application deadline of April 30 for applications July 1 - September 30

Final report deadline of November 30

Third Intake

Application deadline of August 31 for application October 1 - December 31

Final report deadline of February 28

Fourth Intake

Application deadline of November 30 for applications January 1 - March 31

Final report deadline of May 31


All applications are due by 4 p.m. on the deadline day.


Consideration of application will be given only in the applicants meet the following criteria:

  • The applicants in a Morinville non for profit community group, team, organization, association or resident will have first priority.
  • The applicant may be from outside of Morinville if they are a not for profit community group, team, i, association with a supporting initiative within Morinville; and
  • The applicant must match the requested amount up to $1000.00 either in funds, in kind or a combination of both.

Eligible/Ineligible expenses

Eligible activities include:

  • Transportation expenses                                               
  • Accommodation expenses                                             
  • Specialized equipment expenses                                  
  • Contracted services expenses                                       
  • Facility Rental expenses
  • Tournament/event expenses
  • Program expenses
  • Marketing expenses
  • Capital expenses

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Staff wages, honorarium or expenses 
  • Alcohol and drug expenses                        
  • Expenses prior to application date range 
  • Flow through funds to other organizations                  


The maximum award for any one application is limited to $1,000 with matched or greater funding.

Other requirements

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the Town of Morinville in all promotional material.

- Applicants must contact Corporate Communications or call 780-939-4361 prior to use of the  Morinville logo.

- Applicants should reference our branding guidelines.

  Complete the Community Grant Application

 Volunteer grants

Organizations within Morinville can apply for up to $200/per organization to contribute to the further development and celebration of their own volunteers. The grant for each calendar year opens to applications on February 15 and closes April 1. Approved organizations will receive confirmation on or before April 15 of the application submission year.