Here you will find many of the most frequently requested maps. Check out our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for more maps and information.

Address and street maps

11 by 17 inch prints are available free of charge at St. Germain Place (Civic Hall), and;

24 by 36 inch prints are available to purchase at St. Germain Place (Civic Hall).

Community crime map

 Knowing the real picture of neighbourhood crime reported to the RCMP is the first step in doing something about it. It is more than just numbers; it is about knowing where crime is happening. View the Community Crime Map.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

With our GIS mapping tool, you can:

  • Search for a property
  • View property, zoning and tax assessment information
  • View Morinville's aerial photography over several years
  • View and identify details of Morinville's infrastructure
  • Prepare and print custom maps

To learn more, visit our GIS Quick Tutorial.

Google maps

View the Town of Morinville on Google Maps. Please note: all third party maps available online may not be current. Contact Planning and Economic Development to confirm the accuracy of available data.

Land use maps

Outdoor amenities

We have a variety of outdoor amenities including: parks, trails, boat launches, community gardens, playgrounds, sports fields, a dog park and outdoor rink. View our Outdoor Amenities map.

Snow clearing map

During the winter, snow clearing is completed by priority and then by zone, on a rotational basis based on our Snow and Ice Control Policy. To learn which zone your home is in, view the last page of our Snow and Ice Control Policy.